This internet site is dedicated to
information on the history of war
– in particular in the Nordic countries.

This includes related issues, such as preparations and repercussions of wars,
as well as issues of national independence and sovereignty. Anyone may contribute information

E-mail discussion list – with online archive. With opportunities for members to upload files etc – such as articles, books, photos, links, events .

Subscribe: krigshistorie-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Languages: Scandinavian and English. The discussion is only weakly moderated.

– meaning that all opinions are welcome, as long as they are presented in a factually oriented and polite manner.
The site is part of an effort to approach the truth – and political censorship would therefore be counterproductive.
The site therefore acknowledges the meaning of the following freedoms of opinion and expression:
The United Nations Convention of Human Rights, Article 19 (local copy)

E-mail: postkrigshistorie.net
Web address: www.krigshistorie.net & www.krigshistoria.net



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